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A financial professional - a key element of achieving your financial goals

Even the most seasoned investor may benefit from working with a financial advisor

Accumulating assets is only one step in a comprehensive financial plan.  A financial professional can help you define your financial priorities, manage your cash flow and provide an articulated tax and estate plan to ensure more of your assets remain in the hands of your family.

What can an advisor do for you?

With experience and expertise, we can take the mystery and the anxiety out of planning your financial future.  We offer the following:

  • Evaluate your current overall financial situation and help put together a comprehensive plan
  • Discuss risk management strategies including life, disability and critical illness insurance as well as long term care insurance
  • Explain the different types of investments including potential risks, benefits and costs
  • Recommend investment portfolios that suit your needs and goals
  • Help to save for your children's education
  • Structure your investments to reduce or defer taxes
  • Reassure you during periods of market volatility
  • Review your retirement income by coordinating your personal investments, pension and government benefits
  • Guide you through your estate plan

 - We will be there for you -

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